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E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions

We are so grateful for the relationships we have built in this business – learn about our partner, E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions.

Your Next Culinary Destination

The TriMark Innovation Center has been the spot for many exciting events since it’s opening in June 2018.

The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen

TriMark was honored to support the soup kitchen this year in donations of fresh produce, canned goods and other resources.

The Granola Bar โ€“ Deliciousness Perfected

“The Granola Bar is a breakfast and lunch oasis, a happy place at the intersection of healthy and indulgent; a place of no judgments and no food rules. Just daily deliciousness!” This is their mission, and they successfully stick to it.

Be Unique. Be Different. Stand Out

Due to the saturation of messaging and offers bombarding us today, creating a restaurant brand that stands out from the crowd can be a tricky proposition. In an environment of dining satiety, an eatery must differentiate its name and reputation in order to grow sales. Tips to Getting Noticed

Fundamentals of Prison Kitchen Design

Every sector of the food industry has its own unique set of challenges. From the outside, many people tend to think these revolve around food; after all, that’s the business we’re in. But we all know restaurant owners need to do far more than maintain an ...

The Internet of Things and Your Kitchen

Smart this, smart that. Today, the big buzz in the tech world is not the latest app available for your smartphone or a new feature on a tablet; in fact, it goes beyond the sophisticated devices and computers and right into the everyday objects that surrou ...

The Breakthrough Ovens of the Future

It’s safe to say one of the most fundamental parts of any kitchen, whether it’s a kitchen from 2,000 years ago or one of today’s modern, advanced kitchens, is the ability to heat food. At the center of every kitchen (with the exception of some raw-food ki ...

Automated Dishwashing Stations and More

It would be interesting to take a survey and see how many of today’s top chefs or acclaimed restaurateurs were initiated into the business as a dishwasher. Soaking the hard-to-clean pots, going after the baked-on food with steel wool and loading trays int ...

The Future of the Commercial Kitchen

Back in the 1950s, America was fascinated by the home of the future. Publications like Look and Life magazines would regularly profile the yet-to-be designed and built kitchens of the 1990s and 2000s. Fully automated kitchens had push-button controls and ...

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